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How The Process Works
Step 1. Go to and complete a Purchase/Request Form.  Fax or
email the completed form to or (800) 493-8621.  We accept
P-cards or Purchase Orders.
Step 2. Request the number of DRDP© rating records and parent surveys you need.  
Child Care Results will deliver the rating records or surveys you need within 3 business days.  

Note:  We can only accept Child Care Results generated Rating Records and Parent Surveys.  
Parent Surveys are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.  Please specify the
number you need by language.
Step 3. Teachers observe students and complete Child Care Results provided DRDP© Rating
Records.  Parents complete the Child Care Results provided Desired Results Parent Survey.  

Note: Be sure teachers write the LAUSD Student ID and complete all of the fields on each rating
record.  The LAUSD Student ID is ten digits, starting with the child’s date of birth, M or F (for
gender), and a three digit number (e.g. 101506M001).  You can create a report of Student IDs in
ESIS.  Click on Advance Reports and select ChildID.
Step 4. Mail completed Rating Records and Surveys via LAUSD mail to Child Care Results for scanning
and analysis.  

Mail to:       Attn: Child Care Results
                  Mar Vista Elementary School
                  Local District 3
Step 5. At each assessment period and after the surveys are submitted, full-color, exciting and easy
to read reports are sent via e-mail and on-line to you in less than 10 business days!
We scan the rating record – no more data entry!
Reports and Analysis
Child Care Results can offer LAUSD a unique pricing model.  
The annual fee per Center is: $595*.  This includes:

  • Printing,  Delivery, Scanning, and Analysis of Desired Results Developmental Profiled© (2010)
    Rating Records (2x per year) and Parent Surveys (1x per year).
  • E-mail and on-line delivery of our reports and analysis.  We provide reports at every level.  
    View sample reports.

  • Student Reports One version summarized for parents and another more detailed for the child
    file.   English and Spanish.

  • Class Reports  Teacher friendly, graphical reports providing an overview of the class. Also
    includes listing of children by developmental level by measure for easy class planning.

  • Center Reports  Summarized analysis, focusing on ELL, School-Readiness, and potential
    training needs of your staff.  Parent survey reports include bilingual Community Bulletin for
    promoting the successes of your center.

  • Local District Report Child Care Results will consolidate data from all of the participating
    Centers in a Local District to report on the overall findings.  The analysis will include an
    estimate of program impact.
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