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Desired Results
Made Easy
Improve Your DRDP© Process
Eliminate Data Entry and Inform Decisions
Child Care Results will reduce the time and effort your staff dedicate to collecting the
DRDP© child assessments and Desired Results Parent Surveys.  We scan the
assessments and surveys, eliminating the data entry so your staff can spend more time with
the children and families you serve.  For a site with 60 children, this will eliminate more than
15 hours of data entry alone.

After scanning the assessments and surveys, Child Care Results produces the highest
quality reports in the sector.  We specialize in the DRDP©, analyzing over 400,000 DRDPs©
in the last 5 years alone.  Our reports are designed in focus groups of teachers and
administrators ensuring that educators get the answers vital to improving the quality of the
program and consistent with the best practices of observational assessments.

Our process is straightforward.  For LAUSD centers, simply complete and fax the
Purchase/Request Form on our website.  Child Assessment rating records and parent
surveys will be mailed via UPS directly to your site within 3 days.  Please use only the rating
records and surveys sent from Child Care Results as they are specifically formatted for

The assessment rating records are completed and returned to Child Care Results via
LAUSD mail.  The results are available to you via e-mail and on-line within 10 business
days.  That’s it—no software to purchase or training required.  With our service, you will have
a complete understanding of the assessments and survey results, knowing not just how
children developed from fall to spring, but how much you contributed to their growth.  
How Do I Sign-Up?
Complete a Purchase/Request Form.  
Fax or email the completed form to or (800)

How Much Does it Cost?
$595 per LAUSD center per year.  This
includes the printing and delivery of
rating records for 2 assessments
periods and one parent survey per child,
the scanning, and all your reports.

How Does the Process Work?
Teachers and parents complete our
© rating records and
Desired Results parent surveys.  They
are returned to Child Care Results and
reports are created.  
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What is the turn-around time?
Within 10 days, reports will be emailed
to you and posted on a secure website.

Do You Accept P-Cards?
Yes, and purchase orders.
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