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We changed our name!

Child Care Results is now CCR Analytics.
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We just changed our name to better
reflect what we do -- analysis.  Our
mission is to provide the early
education and social services sector
with the information and analysis they
need to accomplish and promote their
mission.  We look forward to hearing
from you.


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About Child Care Results

We specialize in helping child care organizations get the most
value from their child assessment, community assessment and
operational data.  Through careful analysis, we give decision
makers the critical insights they need to make informed
decisions.  Our results are always presented in thoughtful and
compelling visual formats to make it easy for everyone to
understand and use the information.

We're active in supporting the goals of child care
organizations throughout California, providing training,
research for advocacy, and strategic planning for the
subsidized child care sector.  

Please visit our
products and services page for more
information on how we can help your agency support the
children and families in your community.  For more
information on custom trainings, community assessment data
packages, assessment analysis, eliminating the data entry for
DRDP, or surveys for your agency, please call or email us at
800.493.8621 or
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